IFR and Nofima Agreement

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The Institute of Food Research and Nofima, the Norwegian Institute of Food Fisheries and Aquaculture Research, have entered into an agreement in principle. The purpose is to collaborate in developing research programmes, as well as exchanging common interests and advantages in food research.

Prof Tim Brocklehurst (l) and Dr Einar Risvik (r)

Prof Tim Brocklehurst (l) and Dr Einar Risvik (r)

“This is the beginning of a journey together that will be based on the exchange of information,” said Dr Einar Risvik, Research Director of Nofima’s food research area.

Many areas of interest in common
Both Nofima and the Institute of Food Research (IFR) direct considerable research resources at healthy, tasty, sustainable and safe food. Important areas of collaboration will include the exchange of information and material between researchers and doctoral candidates, as well as joint seminars, joint research applications and projects that also include external participants.

The agreement also involves participation in the Food and Health Network, which has over 250 member companies and institutes worldwide. The overall aim of the network is to make research and its results accessible to the industry.

Tim Brocklehurst, Head of IFR’s Food and Health Network said “I am delighted that Nofima and IFR will be working together to enhance knowledge exchange between our two organisations and to disseminate our science to industry and academic colleagues worldwide.”

“Now the agreement is signed, we are beginning on the task of extending our collaboration with the IFR. We have been collaborating in research for a long time; now we shall expand the range of topics to include, for example, innovation activities and transferring expertise to small and medium sized companies,” concluded Risvik.

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