The Orange Juice and Cardiovascular Disease Study

We need your help on the Orange Juice and Cardiovascular Disease Study

Over 2 million people are affected by heart disease in the UK each year.
Diet and lifestyle choices are major factors in deciding how likely we are to develop a problem. There is evidence that eating 5 portions of fruit & veg each day reduces the occurrence of age related diseases like heart disease.

We want to find out if drinking different types of orange juice (Blood orange and standard orange juice) has an effect on the risk of developing heart disease.

More information on the study, including the participant information sheet and how to apply are available here


This study aims to compare the effect of anthocyanin-rich blood orange juice with a standard (no anthocyanin) blonde orange juice on markers of cardiovascular disease. Participants aged between 25 and 84 years of age will be recruited based on their waist measurement, with 42 participants required to complete the study. They will be required to consume up to 500mL of either blood or blond juice each day for 28 days in a two way cross over study. Prior to each part of the intervention there will be a 2 week ”run in period” where participants will be asked to avoid consuming foods rich in anthocyanins. After the 28 day intervention period, there will be a 3 week wash out period after which the participant will be asked to then drink the other juice for 28 days. The 500 mL of blood orange juice will contain approximately 50mg of anthocyanins, whereas the standard juice will contain none.

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