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Maria Traka

How food researchers do what we do

Many diseases are preventable and diet can play an important part in preventing them. Providing dietary advice that can help people live longer and reduce the burden on the NHS requires accurate and specific information. Professor Richard Mithen and Dr Maria Traka have published a review in The Plant Cell journal of the different ways […]

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Scientists complete the human ‘fasting metabolome’

Scientists from the European Nutrigenomics Organisation have profiled the changes in our bodies’ molecules caused by prolonged fasting.  This ‘fasting metabolome’  may make it possible to characterise different people according to their metabolic reaction to nutritional stress, as a step towards personalised nutrition for maintaining an individual’s health and wellbeing. In research published in the […]

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Scientists at the Institute of Food Research on the Norwich Research Park want to find out whether eating this new broccoli can have an impact on conditions such as high cholesterol in the over-50s.

Broccoli study volunteers needed

Volunteers to a scientific study in Norfolk will be asked to eat a new kind of broccoli that has been specially developed using conventional breeding to be enriched in a naturally-occurring compound called glucoraphanin. This compound is thought to be important in maintaining health and preventing diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Over 2 […]

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