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Salmonella Typhimurium

New resources deliver insights into Salmonella’s virulence

Dr Arthur Thompson and his team at the IFR have uncovered new insights into how Salmonella is so well equipped to survive against our bodies’ defences. Building on a comprehensive survey of which genes are turned on in Salmonella, they have now extended the number of start sites defined for Salmonella genes and new non-coding RNAs. This [...]

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New insights into how our guts fight off invaders

Researchers at the Institute of Food Research and the University of Leeds have uncovered a mechanism our bodies use to fight off invading bacteria like Salmonella. It may also help to maintain the balance of good bacteria in our gut. The lining of our gut is a battleground where we have to constantly fight to [...]

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Evolutionary approach to tackling Salmonella

The Institute of Food Research is pleased to welcome Dr Rob Kingsley as a new research leader in its Gut Health and Food Safety programme. Rob’s interests are in understanding how bacteria interact with the host, how they move through the food chain and how they cause disease. Rob is focusing on Salmonella, one of [...]

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Contact killing of Salmonella Typhimurium by human faecal bacteria

Our gut is home to trillions of bacteria, numbering more than the cells in the rest of our body, and these bacteria help us to digest our food, absorb nutrients and strengthen our immune system. This complex bacterial ecosystem, called the gut microbiota, also helps to prevent bad bacteria from colonising our bodies and making [...]

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Assessing a new technique for ensuring fresh produce remains Salmonella-free

Researchers at the Institute of Food Research have tested a new technique to ensure fresh produce is free of bacterial contamination. Plasmas are a mix of highly energetic particles created when gases are excited by an energy source. They can be used to destroy bacteria but as new research shows, some can hide from its [...]

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Understanding how bacteria come back from the dead

Salmonella remains a serious cause of food poisoning in the UK and throughout the EU, in part due to its ability to thrive and quickly adapt to the different environments in which it can grow. New research involving a team of IFR scientists, funded by BBSRC, has taken the first detailed look at what Salmonella [...]

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