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New yeast species travelled the globe with a little help from the beetles

Researchers from the National Collection of Yeast Cultures (NCYC) at the Institute of Food Research (IFR) have identified a new globe-trotting yeast species that lives on tree-associated beetles. This new species demonstrates the importance of preserving biodiversity, as yeasts like this may help efforts to develop renewable fuel sources in the future. Preserving biodiversity must [...]

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This Scanning Electron Microscope image of the ascus (sexual spore-bearing cell) plus ascospores of the yeast Saccharomyces paradoxus was made by Kathryn Cross of the Analytical Sciences Unit in the Institute of Food Research, with additional colouring by Carmen Nueno Palop of the National Collection of Yeast Cultures, Institute of Food Research

Strictly yeast

We all know yeasts make beer and bread but their huge contribution to science, including helping us understand the nuts and bolts of life itself, tends to stay out of the spotlight. Over the past few years, through studies carried out on yeast DNA, biologists have begun to learn that something that looks like a [...]

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Mysteries of the Yeast

Researchers have turned a decades old problem in genome sequence analysis on its head to uncover hidden information on how yeasts evolved, giving insights into evolutionary processes common to all of life. The National Collection of Yeast Cultures (NCYC) at the Institute of Food Research houses over 4,000 different strains of yeast. This represents a [...]

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More than bread and beer: the National Collection of Yeast Cultures

A new video looks at the National Collection of Yeast Cultures, a BBSRC-funded National Capability at the Institute of Food Research. Brewers’ yeast, Saccharomyces cerivisae, features widely in products we consume daily in our billions across the world, but these ancient unicellular fungi are poised to become a defining organism of the modern era. Yeast can [...]

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The Institute of Food Research welcomes UK funding to build world-first synthetic yeast

Minister for Universities and Science David Willetts has announced nearly £1M funding for the UK arm of an international consortium attempting to build a synthetic version of the yeast genome by 2017. [BBSRC Press Release] Dr Ian Roberts, curator of the BBSRC-supported National Collection of Yeast Cultures at the Institute of Food Research is a [...]

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NCYC visitors on the yeast trail

The National Collection of Yeast Cultures, the BBSRC-supported National capability based at the IFR recently hosted a visit from leading beer writer Roger Protz as well as a blogger from Spitalfields Life. They were here following the story of how NCYC is helping resurrect Truman’s, the London brewery that closed down in 1988 after hundreds [...]

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